For Educators

Teaching Kids to be Brave, Smart and Kind!

Define foundational values

What if you take three simple foundational values — brave, smart, kind — and define them for your classroom?
What might your classroom environment feel like as you build language, experiences, and a culture around Brave Smart Kind?
​We offer keynotes, trainings and a community where teachers can help promote courage, critical thought and kindness within their kids and parents.

BSK Teachers Cohort

Join the BSK Teachers Cohort to see how other teachers are implementing BSK in their classrooms.

If you are in the realm of education and want to consider school-wide initiatives, training for your educators and/or parents, please contact us in the form below.

BSK Story time with PJ

Teachers and parents can use BSK Story Time with PJ to help kids explore courage, critical thought and kindness in the stories they love. After reading each story, PJ will help make connections to brave, smart and kind.

All of the videos are located in our Brave Smart Kind Mighty Network which you can access below.

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