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Creating Brave, Smart and Kind Leaders.

Foundational Levels

Leadership, broken down to its most foundational levels, is about how we overcome, how we critically think, and how we take care of others. Only when understanding these three pillars can we then lead with intention and inspire courage, critical thought and kindness in ourselves and our teams.

BSK isn’t for the lighthearted. It isn’t for people who like to rest in their comfort. We push our team and our customers to get out of their comfort zones. We look for those who want to grow, who want to challenge themselves, who believe that they can be more… and who can use some help in getting there.

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What we offer


Bring our Founder, PJ Brady, and BSK to your event.

Regular keynotes include:

  • Brave, Smart, Kind Leadership: How to lead from a place of courage, critical thought and kindness. 
  • Improv Leadership: What to say and do as a leader when you have no time to think. 
  • Speaking to Lead: More than just public speaking, we need to learn to use our voice to inform, inspire and influence others.  
  • Raising Kids to be Brave, Smart and Kind: Great for organizations interested in nurturing young leaders to understand what they stand for and how to act with courage, critical thought and kindness. 


Four-hour workshop for up to 15 participants at a time:

  • Values Hacking: Discover your own values, how you succeed and how you fail. Discover ways to put them into action to become a more impactful and authentic leader. 
  • Speaking to Lead: We’ll take a more methodical approach to getting you in front of internal and/or external audiences both in terms of content generation and delivery. 
  • Values Blueprint: This session gets your team and/or company working on the same page. If your people are the primary reason for your success or failure, then this is the workshop you need

If interested in booking a keynote or workshop or getting more information, please let us know!

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