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Raising Kids to be Brave, Smart and Kind!

In order for us to build a braver, smarter, kinder world, it'll take all of us.

We’re supporting parents in these ways:

Parent Groups

Join or start your own parent group, with our help.


Bring PJ to your people!


Get support for your organization, team, or school.

Book Clubs

Interested in having conversations about the book? Start a book club!

Online Courses

Learn about the power of values-based parenting.


Take time away with others to focus on you.

BSK Story time with PJ

Parents can use BSK Story Time with PJ to relax and connect with their kids. Follow the stories and explore all the different ways of interacting with courage, critical thought and kindness. You may find, after a handful of stories, your kids start to have their own ideas of brave, smart and kind!
All of the videos are located in our Brave Smart Kind Mighty Network which you can access below.

Raising Kids to be Brave, Smart and Kind.

Parenting with purpose

Raising Kids to be Brave, Smart and Kind is here! It has been eight years in the making, and we are excited to share it with you. Order for yourself or a friend… or multiple friends. We are happy to share!

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