The ability to speak IS the ability to lead.

You got this!

It’s a misconception that leaders who can speak well in front of groups are just “naturals”. Speaking is an art that requires theoretical knowledge and practice. Yes it can be learned.

Think back to the last great leader you were inspired to follow, the one that moved you to be more, the one that encouraged you become a leader.

Whether you are leading a company, speaking to a team, addressing youth or engaging in a family dinner discussion, your ability to convey your thoughts determines your success and the success of those around you. The ability to speak IS the ability to lead.

What you'll learn

How to be Memorable

We’ll cover how the brain processes information and how you can use that to relay your message so that it is heard and remembered.

Message Consistency

How do you develop what you are going to say? What is your through line? What you say is just as important as how you say it.

Follow Up

Words mean nothing unless you are able to back them up with your actions. You need to be able to align your message with your follow up to ensure people follow your lead.

If you believe that both the content and the delivery of your message as a leader matter, this is the public speaking workshop for you.