You have two choices; you can live your life on accident, or you can live your life with purpose. 

Not surprisingly, the most popular deathbed regrets are not having the courage to live the life you wanted, not understanding or realizing what’s important, and not prioritizing human connection. In other words, not living brave, smart, and kind. 

My biggest fear is that I get to the end of my life and feel like it was wasted. Life moves so fast, so I need a regular reminder. 

I got this idea from blogger/speaker Tim Urban and created a life in weeks chart. It sits on my desk, and each week (sometimes month) I check off the boxes so I can see how many I have left. According to my gender and nationality, the average age of death is 74.5. That means 3,874 weeks. If lucky, I might have 1,500+ to go. 

I want to make courageous choices. I want to learn and grow. I want to prioritize time with people I care about. This chart reminds me to not waste my time on things that don’t help me live brave, smart, and kind. 

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Life in Weeks